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Chicago beach, Lake Michigan

I am back from Chicago and my first long-haul flight for almost 4 years. I started my layover with a visit to Le Pain Quotidien, where I got their oatmeal to go. Then I went down to the beach at Lake Michigan and found a sunny spot to sit down and have my oatmeal breakfast. Oatmeal tastes better with a view like this, don’t you think?

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A bumpy ride - Cabin Crew Blog

After 3.5 years on the ground, keeping busy with a full-time job as a mother of three, it takes a while before the body gets used to working up in the air again. I had a rough start and did not take proper notice of the warning signs. Early check-ins, long flights and short layovers at airport hotels. Constant sleep deprivation and then back home, where three kids and a husband struggled with adjusting to the fact that the person who usually took care of everything from cleaning and laundry to grocery shopping, suddenly wasn’t there all the time.

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